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  Evaluate Your Training Facilitation

Here's the form TRAINING SYSTEMS, INC., uses to evaluate our trainers when they facilitate group training:

How was learning space prepared?

Was trainer prepared (describe)?

  • knew objective
  • prepared for specific learners
  • practiced training and prepared for questions
  • delivered what was planned in Facilitator's Guide and prepared notes, and used their own stories appropriately

How did the trainer establish and maintain credibility?

How did they manage the learning environment (noises, people, time, space) throughout the session?

The trainer demonstrated effective communication skills by (describe):

The trainer as a visual aid used (describe):

  • enthusiasm
  • voice
  • gestures
  • anxiety

Describe the positive reinforcement and motivation incentives used. Were they appropriate to learners?

Did they use visual aids effectively? (describe)

What did trainer do during activities?


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