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The MASIE Center has just published the results of a survey of 1609 training & HR professionals from 25 countries conducted between Sep 19th and Sep 20th:

Training Reactions to Terrorist Attacks

 How have organizations adjusted
learning and collaboration in response
to the terrorist attacks?

This survey was done at the request of our Human Resource and Training colleagues, as they have worked to design a corporate response to recent events.  The survey was taken by 1,609 training and human resource professionals from 25 countries around the world (86% U.S. and 14% international).  The data was collected from 11 am, September 19th to 5 pm, September 20th.

1) What outreach to employees has your organization done in reaction to these events?


2) Has your organization CANCELLED ANY training offerings due to these events?

Yes   48%

No     52%

3) Has your organization ADDED ANY training offerings due to these events?

Yes   12%

No     88%

4) How, if any, has the organization's travel policy changed?

5) Have recent events increased your organization's use of collaborative technologies?

6) If there have been changes in the use of learning technologies, do you expect these changes to be:


§        “The trend here, is to as much as possible, not change plans in order to go forward without giving in to fear. Institution has set a unifying atmosphere in comments about being positive to those among us from Arabic traditions, to encourage inclusion and unity, rather than division and blame.”

§        “It has focused our efforts to further our use of web-based training delivery and collaboration technology.”

§        “We offer a domestic preparedness classroom course to prepare staff for terrorist’s attacks and the potential impacts on our organization (We are a large hospital system).  Our next class scheduled for early October filled up the day after the attacks.  Normally these classes have minimal attendance.”

§        “Our focus has already been for using technology for training and collaboration.  That focus has been reaffirmed by the recent events.”

§        “We are in the midst of business planning and budgeting for next year. As training manager, I'm looking to include budget for virtual classroom and asynchronous learning technologies where I couldn't find a corporate appetite before.”


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