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Making Sure What They Learned is Used on the Job

Your employees come back from training and within a few days, weeks, or months they appear to forget what they learned. What can you do? Instead of feeling like your training investment is going down the drain, here are some easy ideas to implement for your employees after they return from training.

         At staff or departmental meetings, discuss the training, or each time review a different section or the training.

         Practice, practice, practice, and more practice! Use new role plays or scenarios from those done during the training.

         If job aids were designed as part of the training, make sure that the learners posted or are using the job aids in the proper manner. Periodically, remind them to use them on a consistent basis.

         Make a game out of one of the topics or skills in the training. Let your staff have fun with their new or updated knowledge.

         Let the learners share how they have implemented some ideas from the training. Sharing practical, useful ideas is a great way for everyone to reap the benefits!


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