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Learning Methods

Do They Know How to Learn?

What to do to so at the end of the training the people:

1.  Know how to learn

2.  Have an urge to learn

The best ideas you’ll get for helping people learn to learn is from the book "Accelerated Learning Techniques" by Brian Tracy and Colin Rose. The simple act of helping people learn the things in this book will create an urge to learn – it’s very exhilarating.

Another idea for "urge to learn" – have them write their goals/hopes/dreams – ask them to be very specific and descriptive – give an example. Then have them describe this to another person. Finally have them make a mental picture (or video) of what they look like when they’ve achieved this and what others around them look like. This will build not only a clear picture for them of what they want to achieve but all this talking and picturing creates enthusiasm and longing to achieve it.

Then have them figure out what they’ll need to learn in order to make the goal a reality.

Have them create some time of visual piece that reminds them daily of their goal (for example, mugs you draw on and put in the microwave to bake on the picture, cut out picture from magazines then laminate and put in wallet/on desk in a frame, send them out to take a photo of someone/something that looks like the achieved goal and have them make a magnet or pin on button).


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