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Icebreaker Exercise for a Group
Where People Know Each Other

If you want quick intros that usually raise a smile or two:

1) Ask them to say their first, name preceded by an adjective describing them, starting with the same letter as the first letter of their name. i.e. I have grey hair. So, I sometimes use "Silver Steve". Take a minute or two introducing this, giving them time to think one up.

2) Another one that is very useful for people who know each other is to ask them to say their first name (for your benefit and to be sure they really do remember everyone's name) and an interesting fact that if possible, the rest of the group would not know. People are seen in a new light with this one.

As a longer one, if you will be giving them the feedback from their inventory in the course:

Have them individually consider for a few minutes
three 'characteristics' of themselves and note them down on a pad in front of them. Record each person's 'characteristics' on a flip for later use. This could be in the inventory feedback or other areas in the course at the relevant level, depending on the degree of trust and challenge achieved on the day.

Instead of creeping death around the room, you could also
use 'Popcorn' where each person says their own without prompting. How this pans out can be useful for later reference in your course.

If you just want fun:
Ask them to stand up along a wall and put a line of masking tape in front of them so they have to squeeze past each other to get themselves in some sort of order. This could be height, shoe size or length of service in the Co. You will know what P.C. aspect to choose.

Thanks to Steve, who sent us this tip at the Training Ideas listserv (yahoogroups.com)


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