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We guarantee it because we hand-pick the team according to YOUR needs. They are a unique group of dynamic, highly qualified Designers, Facilitators and HR Consultants!

Most of our Associates have over 20 years of training design, delivery, evaluation, and consulting experience with organizations of all sizes. Collectively, our Associates have trained hundreds of thousands of staff at all levels in organizations.

Some examples of our experience:

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Our Designers, Facilitators and Consultants

Amy Riley is a highly energetic trainer who helps clients meet specific performance goals. She has worked with a variety of organizational types including retail, manufacturing, software, technical services, non-for-profit, and sales. Amy's successful because she is pragmatic, action-oriented, and listens intently to provide customized learning methods that fit the people and the situation, and are therefore, extremely effective. Her training and development experience is broad and includes developing competencies for supervisors, identifying technical skills required for application end-users, designing learning events needed to successfully launch new processes, and mapping out individual development plans.

Robin Pelfrey

Robin Pelfrey's background in professional acting and owning the largest professional acting school in Chicago has caused her to be Training Systems' specialist in working with individuals to improve their facilitation skills through TRAINING SYSTEMS' High Voltage Presentations training program. Whether coaching individuals for a specific presentation, interview, or media appearance or helping managers inspire their own staff to excellence, Robin brings her unique blend of acting performance techniques and business savvy.

Dawn Holzer

Dawn Holzer is an organizational development expert, strategic thinker, change agent and executive coach drawing on over 20 years of business acumen in the areas of leadership development, succession planning, training, and organizational change. Dawn is energizing and engaging quickly understanding complex systems and bringing an insightful, practical, no-nonsense approach to meeting clients’ business needs.

Dianne Coppola

Dianne Coppola is passionate about training design and facilitation. She loves the consulting portion - asking focused questions and designing interactive processes that harness the collective wisdom of all participants so she can create the training. She loves the actual design and development that turns this information into something people can quickly and easily learn from. She loves the many ways that training can be facilitated - one-on-one coaching in-person and over the internet, the high energy of in-person group training and the gratification of monitoring and guiding people who are learning through self study.

Rita Rizzo is an experienced writer, facilitator and training designer. Known for her wit, warmth, and wisdom, Rita's common sense approaches assure that people benefit from her interventions in practical, immediate, and applicable ways. Rita is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), a Certified Conflict Mediator, and a certificated retention specialist whose expertise lies in the areas of performance management, diversity and inclusion, human talent development, and customer-driven culture. Rita believes that people learn best when they are laughing - said one learner "I will attend all future sessions that Ms. Rizzo presents, even if she is facilitating a session on underwater basket weaving!"

David Kazel is a hands on engineering productivity improvement specialist.  He has an innate ability to analyze organizations and improve flow, throughput and productivity thru redesign of processes and elimination of non-value added activity that increases profitability.  Whether training with a group, coaching individuals for a specific project or helping people in group or self study develop specific job expertise, he has a unique blend of detailed knowledge, super organizational skills that beat deadlines and a casual manner that makes him enjoyable to work with!  David specializes in Lean, supply chain, sales, procurement, logistics, and project management.

Catherine Fyock is an experienced HR consultant, performance improvement consultant and facilitator who helps learners adopt new strategies for recruiting and retaining employees, and is a leading expert in providing insights and solutions for an aging and changing work force. Certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Cathy has facilitated over 50 national seminars for the Society for Human Resource Management, and has been a keynote speaker at each of their annual conferences for more than a decade. She is also a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

Kevin Hudson - if there's photography or video in your training, you're likely to meet Kevin.  His ability to capture just the right angle on a work process or any type of photo makes it easy for people to learn - cliche but "a picture is worth a thousands words"!. He has over 10 years experience as a training photographer and video producer for large and small companies alike in a wide variety of industries. Kevin's photography supports printed training manuals or electronic media applications and his video script writing, editing and other work supports both stand-alone video web based/DVD based training.

Lynn Hauser is an experienced training designer and facilitator, and has over 15 years experience in curriculum design and development. Lynn is noted for her dynamic and energetic style of training design and facilitation. Her training is designed so that learners leave not just with new knowledge, but with a plan of action to help incorporate that knowledge into their daily lives. Lynn's passion is helping managers become more effective leaders. From the soft skills of assertive communication and delegation to the hard skills of writing employee evaluations and managing supplies and equipment, her training design and facilitation has assisted over a thousand managers get the most from themselves and their staff. 

Deb Ford is a seasoned HR & Training Consultant specializing in assessing organizational design, structure, and employee needs. Whether helping recruit, designing training, or assessing an organization's capabilities, she provides strategic organization development and thinking to meet organization objectives. Building on over 25 years of management and executive experience in healthcare, financial services, social services and electronics/electrical equipment, Deb understands the diverse needs of profit-oriented and not-for-profit organizations. She is described as a delight to work with while getting right to the point! 

Stephen L. Ingram is an experienced board development and planning facilitator and an association executive with Sightline Solutions, an association management company. He has over 20 years of experience in team building, personal productivity, association and project management, counseling, strategic planning and marketing development. An outstanding writer, his articles are often published in Association Management Magazine.

Jackie Martin

Jackie Martin is an interactive training facilitator with specialty areas including coaching, change, team work, interviewing, training and communicating effectively. Jackie's enthusiastic facilitation style, as well as her use of learner participation make any learning fun! She believes that technical training is all about translating the complex into simple, straightforward methods that anyone can understand. Jackie's corporate, communications and media backgrounds offer a wide range of skills and experience.

Gary Shoup is a designer and facilitator whose training career of more than 15 years has been driven by four tenets: make it clear, make it applicable, make it fun, make it profitable.  Gary specializes in increasing efficiency and effectiveness through job-skills and management training.  Noted for his engaging style and highly interactive training, Gary has brought his expertise to a wide variety of industries including sales, hospitality, healthcare, finance, and energy as well as non-profit organizations such as churches and para-church ministries.

Steven R. Sligar

Steven R. Sligar, Ph.D., is an experienced training facilitator with over 25 years in management, vocational assessment, and job readiness training and placement. Steve's experience as a front-line service provider and manager gives him a special insight into the day-to-day challenges employees face in the provision of excellent services to their customers.

Joe Hakooz is a super creative developer of multimedia, web and eLearning applications. He can do the most amazing things with any piece of software! With over 10 years of experience in web applications, Flash programming, ASP.NET technology solutions, audio/video production and digital design for clients in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, education, entertainment, media, and environmental industries. Joe works closely with clients from concept to completion to produce customer interactive application and web-based content management solutions.

Carolyn B. Thompson is a highly interactive facilitator, designer, Human Resources consultant and meeting planner.  She's known throughout the US for her high energy and enthusiasm, facilitating refreshing and dynamic training. As a consultant, Carolyn helps organizations improve their ability to recruit, inspire and retain quality employees through recruitment planning, helping companies develop their Human Resource functions, designing performance appraisal systems, and evaluating and developing an organization's entire training process.

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Tasha, our beloved and 1st mascot! Tasha, our beloved and 1st mascot!
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